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The Master Degree on Marine Renewable Energies Harnessing is a qualification from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. It is a 60 ECTS title, divided in eight modules that sum 46 ECTS plus a Final Master Assignment (FMA) of 14 ECTS.
The eight modules that compose the Master are:

1.- Oceanology

1.1.- Site conditions and resources


2.- Structural design

2.1.- Site Assessment

2.2.- Design

2.3.- New Technologies. The business ahead.


3.- Generation and Export Technologies

3.1.- Offshore energy converters

3.2.- Grid Technology

3.3.- Next storage offshore technologies


4- Manufacturing and Maritime Operations

4.1.- Fabrication

4.2.- Marine vessel spread

4.3.- Marine operations

4.4.- Operation and Maintenance


5- Project Operation and Management

5.1.- Financial principles

5.2.- Contract assessment


6.- Structural Analysis of Offshore Platforms 

6.1.- Full-Structural Design of a substructure for a WTG: jacket, monopile, by modeling with ANSYS. Case study

6.2.- Testing an offshore foundation on basin


7.- Development of the Electrical Network of an Offshore Power Plant

7.1.- Wind farm layout

7.2.- Off-shore electrical substations

7.3.- Transmission of electrical energy to shore

7.4.- Wind farm control and connection to the grid


8.- Project Development of an Offshore Power Plant

8.1.- Pre-FID (Final Investment Decision)

8.2.- Post-FID

8.3.- Grid Connection considerations

8.4.- Contractors Market Place

8.5.- Offshore Wind Sector Overview


Final Master Assignment