Jorge Casanovas Bermejo

Alumno de la edición del MAERM: 2019/2020

Empresa actual: X1 Wind (www.x1wind.com)

Puesto: Operations manager

It helped me a lot as a clever introduction to marine energies. Excellent starting point for a new career in the new offshore renewable energies. The Master will give you enough background to start firmly in this exciting world”


Diego García García
Diego García García

Alumno de la edición del MAERM: 2020/2021

Empresa actual: BlueNewables (www.bluenewables.com)

Puesto: Offshore Project Engineer

“Excellent opportunity to initiate in the world of marine renewable energy by training with leading professionals in the industry. These studies have allowed me to focus my career on the challenging projects of development and operation of offshore technologies”

David López Becerra
David López Becerra

Alumno de la edición del MAERM: 2018/2019

Empresa actual: Sener (https://www.group.sener/es)

Puesto: Floating Offshore Wind Specialist

”This master’s degree has allowed me to broaden my knowledge and develop professionally in the offshore wind sector, an industry that is constantly growing and in need of specialized engineers.”

Héctor Javier Taboada Guillén
Héctor Taboada Guillén

Alumno de la edición del MAERM: 2020-2021

Empresa actual: IDOM (https://www.idom.com/)

Puesto: Electrical Engineering & Project Manager

The Master was an excellent choice for improving my knowledge in the renewable energies sector. The depth of coverage of each topic allows students to quickly have a global perspective of the offshore projects. The sector professionals experience makes the classes to be really helpful, showing clearly the challenges to be faced. The flexibility of the Master allowed me to compatibilize work with studies without any problem”

David Mota
David Mota González

Alumno de la edición del MAERM: 2018-2019

Empresa actual: CoreMarine (https://www.core-marine.com/)

Puesto: Marine engineer

MAERM Master gave me a depth and wide vision of the marine renewable industry. Morever, It helped me to get into this sector and set up my career as an Offshore Wind Engineer”


Alumno de la edición del MAERM: 2018-2019

Empresa actual: Westinghouse Electric Spain (https://www.westinghousenuclear.com/)

Puesto: Senior Engineer

“Beyond the excellent professional perspectives the MAERM master offers to those interested in developing their careers on Offshore wind field, I wanted to begin my PhD research on offshore renewables and the MAERM studies was the best ally to put me in contact with the best professionals and scholars in this topic while providing me with the right knowledge and background to start off”

Clara García Sanz

Alumno de la edición del MAERM: 2020-2021

Empresa actual: BlueNewables (www.bluenewables.com)

Puesto: Offshore Project Engineer

Interesting marine renewable energy introduction, focused on the growing offshore sector. As a naval engineer, this master’s degree has helped me to focus my previous studies on the marine energy sector while at the same time it has taught me aspects of power generation, project management, operations and maintenance, cost assessment and other important aspects to take into account in offshore generation projects.

Ángel Li Chen

Alumno de la edición del MAERM: 2021/2022

Empresa actual: Iberdrola Renovables (www.iberdrola.com)

Puesto: Offshore Wind Engineer

“Thanks to the MAERM and its professors and professionals, I have acquired the basis for what will be a promising career in the offshore wind industry. Highly recommended for all who are interested or want to deepen their knowledge of all the aspects surrounding the marine renewable energy harnessing.”